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Loom Video Reporting (Monthly)

Loom Video Reporting (Monthly)

Get a detailed recorded overview that goes over your SEO progress via Loom each month.

$99/mo per website

Our detailed video reporting add-on is made for people that want in-depth videos that go over everything that is being done. 

  • 15-20 minute video
  • Perfect if you don't have the time or knowledge to properly analyze your website's performance
  • Professionally trained analysts behind each video*
  • We can answer any questions you might have post video delivery
  • We can customize your reports based on your business's needs and objectives
  • You will also be dealing with a real analyst - no AI bots to make life annoying!

Included in Each Report

  ✅ Progress to date

  ✅ Progress for the month

  ✅ Optimization

  ✅ Outreach

  ✅ Organic traffic

  ✅ Search Console data

  ✅ Targets for the coming months

We find that this best suits business owners that join us directly or agencies that need a helping hand with client retention and reporting. Sometimes, a PDF doesn't give the full picture.

*Don't be fooled by 'amature' professionals that will give you incomplete reports that can be heavily swayed to selling their next product. All of our analysts have years of experience and go through an in-house training program to deliver the reports and answers you need. No fluff, just business.

*upon checkout you will receive a series of emails to get you fully setup - it's pretty easy.

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