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Additional Keywords

Additional Keywords

Targeted Keywords per Month

Want to reach an even larger audience?! Just add more keywords...

This is a great ad-on to one of our 3 SEO Packages...

  • 6 options to chose from based on your goal & budget
  • We will run an indepth keyword analysis of the best words for your business strategy
  • You can choose which keywords to run or not run - full transparency
  • We will provide a montly report updating you on your keyword performance
  • We can customize your reports based on your business's needs and objectives
  • You will also be dealing with a real analyst* - no AI bots to make life annoying!

*Don't be fooled by 'amature' professionals that will give you incomplete reports that can be heavily swayed to selling their next product. All of our analysts have years of experience and go through an in-house training program to deliver the reports and answers you need. No fluff, just business.

*upon checkout you will receive a series of emails to get you fully setup - it's pretty easy.

Why Add More Keywords?

Think of it like this: The more keywords/phrases you are targeting = a bigger audience = more sales.

However, it is vitally important to pick the proper keywords to go after based on your type of business, location, and strategy. Working with our professional analysts we'll pinpoint the best keywords for you based on relevancy and the amount of daily/monthly searches they attract.

As a foundation for any business, it is important to establish a strong base of keywords to create a baseline to grow from. Below are our 6 current packages designed to fit your budget and deliver performance.

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